LDU33i - Lighting Distribution unit

The LDU-33i is a combination of a DMX signal and power distribution unit, along with a 3-person party line intercom in one integrated system. This combination, allows for easy setup from a lighting console to your lighting fixtures. It is only 3RU high and fits into a standard 19" equipment rack and it is designed to seamlessly integrate with our HLC3i and LCR103i products. This system will send power to the front of house console and three 5-pin DMX signal lines to a DMX lighting console outputs and at the end of the cable provide three DMX signal outputs and three PowerCon circuits for power to your lighting fixtures. At the back of the LDU-33i are two heavy duty on/off switches with safety lock-outs and two 20A circuit breaker protected flanged inlet connectors to supply house power to the unit.